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Monday, 30 April 2012

my lady in red


A sevenling

In arrived sudden: That preagonal moment,
The sun halted in the stillness of the dawn,
as might of shadow's faded back into black

While unwaxed gibbous moon, poorly lit the earth
Out of this gloom, growling with some intent,
Came one hellish hound: Racing leapt he forward
Obeying his masters voice 'Fetch it nipper'

Minute Poem
Though the gain: I felt pain's misery,
fears blinded me.
They won’t depart,
just stop n start.
Now unfilled grave: To be trespassed
Death not surpassed.
It just returns:
hot after-burn
Showing that I would always be
trapped not free,
Whilst sold soul held
t’was never whole.

Winter fell; Dormant.
Sprung branch, pinked with tranches
of blossoms. They knew
Summer promised new life: Sung
by snug nested birds.

Same work with the directors cuts included..

Winter’s dormancy leaves
Its storm spared branches. To be
soon warmed by winds of Mistral.
Sticky, like treacle they budded,
As mother nature opened,
Her wondrous store cupboard
sprung blossoms pinked, then they grew
with soft tissue’s of purples and blues,
Large is assortment of in between hues.
Not battered or bruised these blossoms
Swelled with lifeblood of rain, moistened
Seeds grew till sweet apples burst through

for my lady in bed

Transfixed, transmuted, unashamed, for once, unabashed brought out at last from recent past
was this to be compared to surrender, to gender of child, too be free again see pure innocent
absence of uncertainty, a glad sense of spontaneity no responsibility would be needed be
glee-full did gladly accept this promiscuity a gift of free love unconditional traditional nature of naturally it be.
This is way, way past that: Grown woman, what does that mean to me, grow-in all adult and certain, with treasured opinions clutched to chest,
like little canteens of reassurance to be drunk from sipped in the desert of uncertainty.
But un-overtly open and shut case, no baggage brought or claimed to be staying or straying just praying that addiction to loving like this is treatable: a treat able to be read in ones head.

In the fall when all is golden glowing reds greens and soft softest of browns on hard ground gleaming with autumns feed,. I need comforting then for I bleed with a lost wantonness of confessional testaments.
I suppose to test my resolve, you know that just wanting, to be wanton. not with hope but a lot more than a need...a creed of sorts, just to know if we….
Did, that is face facts, would the act of doing (would be no act, though rehearsed many a opening performance, many an encore,
curtain calls in the shower, under stray street lights in the rain, in the park after dark on a beach we reached ecstasy, as the incoming tide rose over toes, as our sighs from our thighs rising and falling turned the moon red )

would doing for real, be undoing of all that gone before.. Will we be fulfilled, or half killed with intoxication of perspiration of uncertainty,
boiled from embroilment of sweat kept flowing from acceptance…promises to premise of we be free from ties lies and listening to not now dear.
I swear to be faithful to nature and cater to all that you want me to do, as I pursue that, that is to be or not to be. Music may be the food of love but,
Diets don’t try it since time flies so incredible slow you know when listening all listless with no mistress to cling to, to cleave to and heave to or flow into and out.
No book or magazine can ever be the same as my dreams, or fantasies, phantasms of orgasms and spasms, leave chasms of emptiness.
Well I've dropped them behind, gone blind so I could at last see....Pride, ah, a tiny armour, or armorial of morals it quarrels with lust its just a finial of good sense from which to hang my banner,
see, see what do I know. So tattered rag of show, torn safety curtain Its tapestry I shredded escaping or scampering for safety awaiting for you to come and take me to beyond paradise.
That’s why I came up to the keep, where all my sureness were stored, floor to ceiling wall to wall in revealing, my feelings of need for you I opened up the doors to the store room of my wealth....
found empty... plundered, my fealty unguarded, retarded, why all those on me have fed freely fattened and sleek, no longer meek, weak abandoned by my guards,
swords thrown all down, round pah's...paths side tracks leading out of this small town.
Where I see all my hearty band, absconded the rogues. I wish them all well, for if truth be told...in the cold light of Day...
I've abandoned my post and slept and fed on dreams, dreams more nourishing than food, since I've no brood... to care for, it all lays in me,
displayed see I've ran up to my scribe's room, found the candles a dripping and aglow on a last patched parched parchment, all transparent with wax et-al although
I did know the message there, worn inks n charcoal or lead were copied in my hand, some ancient text, next to a layout, a rough draft, a natal chart, a hand crafted. slate Blast!

I cursed as I swept out the light, this is old news, won't guide me through the night, aren't my maidens, like implants they'll know, why they've kept virginal stamina and my temple should stand pure and simple,
tendered with their care when bursting in, I saw they'd all left, warned by their bellies and minds, they saw the signs, and left! Scampered like mice and rats in the night,
be right by My minister! As is duty he must be loyal, and my needs now are extreme. I'll bother him in his quarters, drat even he has vanished didn't even leave his garters, the git,
why he's quit unfit like all the rest I sought to rest, on him and his aged wisdom. So now I face you, at last alone, unaided, if you could ever have called it that, fat unrestricted, unfed, un-watered not bled.
Dead in the ghat that shadow is empty of perfumed traces, Unaltered yet salted with tears, fears I've no place even left to purify my self. in my body, last betrayer of favour of fervours,

no guards, no guides, no heavy hides for warmth, my steed, indeed, has sought another barn it seems the castle echoes, my echoed footfalls are loud then angrily throw open the casements I do and laying me down,

I don't wait for you. But I break out for you. I shout beyond the stars, far into my past in anticipation of seeing the future...in my birthday suit I lay
awaiting for you to come to me, and free me and feed me, little tit bits and snippets of adornments of love.

Seeking to clear my mind amongst stars and sleep cold air arias come through, for now, it's the music makes me weep plucked from some fine harp, draws feelings with each string touched sounds.
Free dreams reinterpreted notes and chords pull my thoughts, unto me. Unhindered by ceremonial blush, blooming bright engorged in the forge of fresh fancying....lets leave it at that,
you've laid me down. I sold my crown to get back here...tis glee for a ruler to play like a pauper....tis glee for a lover to slowly moan, lo go roam and look round with no accompaniment,
no support, it's all spent went and say come then, and tell me what it meant, to come when I was born, to meet you all I've been through, preparation now mere, repatriation...nothing prepared me for what I feel here. not the languages I know, not the practice, nor rehearsal, no-one like
you ever came close to not even close to this, damn all my pride, shove my searching aside....take all I've got not if its of any use to me any more for its now like a dog with no respect
for it mistress or master it takes without asking and leaves me bereft of appeasement. If wanting this cleaving meant intent of suttee, to take me into paradise.

I would go just to see your eyes open.... Empty the pot pillage my queen-dom, and have the kingdom too, delicate as you are, I'm bewildered by the force of your smallest discourse, all whispered and purred, furred up will spurred.

Confounded at last it sets fire to my plans best laid, way-laid flayed wound up like plaid made maid wine aside askance, defied, shied shy, check mated this late in the game?
No that makes it seem like I blame, just claim my freedom from guilt my get out of jail card, will be honoured and honesty be satisfied I’ve tried I have search-ed so long, to find someone to do just what you do, as you do now
And then again and again a gain to the pain of now knowing. Now I don't know anything. Not a thing but your voice, laying me down, making all my choice seem predestined for this little vouchsafed bliss,
now I've nothing, don't want it but you. Back from the snow, back from the duty of gaining provisions, driving over road covered with brown sugar and lard, slippery and me sweating and swearing and smoking and listening to music loud as ever I can get it,

to steady me self toppling to topiary Brazilian familiar feeling viewing my ceiling all virginal white tinted with candle wick smoke, in small circles velvet lined curtain containing a bed fully dressed with softening
Red silken hand woven plush sheets, scented with perfumes whispering pleased. completing intoxicating this love nest lays here…waiting for you.... And now I leave this here for you,
as it would be my extreme pleasure to invite you to a pleasure garden such, As a moat around a castle, calm sea around this island of love, just a small slice of paradise around my home,
I hope you deem it nice, for a place to come to I've contrived a grove, of apple trees, pear peach wild cherry, which you may see in blossom,
as well as their fruit laden boughs, dipping to earth like maidens in waiting, not having to wait a whole season, for reasons to season sessions of seizing and pleasing pleasurably leisurely
believing in feelings, small things little posies petals from roses flower of orchid. So you may enjoy the bees buzzing, Afore they not to sting you, I've drugged them with sweet smoke,

of mead and liquorish stick with anisette, now they only bumble drinking blossom dew but the apples, for you, I wish you to climb the limbs, and taste them the limbs will spread themselves
just perfectly for support you and they are blushed ripe again I've contrived, for you to lick flick tongue exactly their deep dish....juice will you sluice and slip rip ripples an pip so would you bite them,
they'll release their hard cider for to intoxicate, you to inoculate and make you lose grasp of limbs and fall, call to airth, and she'll grassy receive you,
for she's me too lush and green been dreaming keen all soft and fine to find you upon me, and yield me your mouth finally, recline and see yes I shall smother it, with blood engorged lips, but leave you breath,
enmesh your hair with my most gracile of fingering, and dare to stay there tasting you finally for you it would maybe,
May or June before last tune is consumed by a wind that’s been quelled by some son of Venus For breakfast Like this a monsoon season upon my thirsty village, an if you visited in the guise of grey cloud,
or a typhoon we'd all come out proud, breasts cooled by your mirthful load, through our saris shedding them with delight delightfully timorous in new found smoothness and wet,
with delight all bright bushy tales we could smell perfume from Eden so laden would we be, well we'd have to give it back eventually,
then harmonize natures supplies and visit you in the guise of little flowers, all pollen filled and frilled, with silky poppy dresses (one of my favorite flowers! ah the powers!)
like naughty ballerinas after the show come kiss me in my dressing room and sweep aside my crinoline, it's too stiff and scratches like cotton candy, I want it off and my dancing stockings as well, no don pull them like that ah now, where were we, darling, where were we since you've whetted my appetite,
yes I will cover your mouth while I endeavor to uncover those secret links in betwixt and between, all your history found in your skin, an make you remember your ancient writ,
that you like to do the same things that I like to do, though we've "just met". and find your mind through your so fine mouth, a whole little grotto to linger in,
and see if I can wake the capuchin monkey, to come in my boat, and float, through, come sup, me be on me, and dip into my psyche, please,
an so I'll capture you and yes cover your cries which I'll try to instigate, by tampering, and mapping your palms, and make you sing psalms, mm and take a detour,
whilst distracting you will fully kisses, tragic and tragic in that I won't let you away except for an occasional gulp of air but my hand will travel down your chest to your belly
which I will sully with play, now let me remember, hops scotch was it, where we'd draw chalk marks, before rain, and hop, and throw our little stones to the next oh let me linger and draw fine lines,

no dashing, only playing tiny circumferences, ever lower to your dusky musk of oh but yet back to your eyes, an could I intoxicate you below, but hold your smile, or a glance, that's what I'm thirsty for, but bow my head un tempered. But soften by heat of these thoughts
To slip off my earrings, slip them off one by one, silver through my ears, smooth like your poetry let them tumble to the floor, and go real slow oh such a privilege to even contemplate myself here, (she says, bouncing on bed, like a newly wed, or yes there be kicking up her heels in spring)
I have painted my toenails pink like shells, well like oysters, to tempt you to nibble, do you care, be aware,
soon I'll be wearing nothing, I won't let you look away, only close your sweet eyes up in ecstasy, pressed unto me and I've fooled my way down, and play tongue,
round and round racing like the peregrine will hunt for pray, around your cock pleasantly plucking sucking to suckling suckering no thing I will submit a like that play, misty for me and close finely finally,
my little mouth shall tell a tale, of tide and time waits for no man, awwwwww it just takes aeons to sail on by and bye…well I'll make it, where you're concerned, waiting shall become your profession, for as long as I have you in my possession,
lessons be press-ups then down to be ground grinded and pampered… oh oh O O....softest bite, with nothing like all my might that I save, up inside tyte, but you shan't know it. Please, please, please don't bother to rhyme this time,
just give, the sweet secret of your kiss upon my Twinkly bespangled harangued aching for taking bits,
be dripping pitting spitting from weighting...oh all waiting is contained herein, herein a container little shallow quim a beginning that grinning in anticipation finding you near an
I'm the one cries out what I'm all about now you shall know....will you go where I fear to tread from reading such emotion.....
So here I am sky clad and trembling with longing, In a field full of poppies, hoping and blindly groping watching for you in these holy stocking a jealousy off silk this, my Ilk for you in this garniture of garment adornment.
To those pins passing bye the bye spin my head round the sound Of my breath as I see no pant it pants with desire no ladder as I look All round

so I’ll be bound by those nets all tongue tied in knots. I forgot to swallow in surprise as I wallowed in intoxication from these nets, those diamonds to tire upon to tie up on.
So lets forget about fetishes far better to get up on my knees un fetter. The ankle bracelet first and foremost then upward slow go best nice and slow
And let my tongue wander up the seam, to that soft skin before the thigh begins and for a while, become a snake so that my delicate flicks licking With the tip of it can taste and consider where to go next as I look up from
This soft smooth skin just at the back of the knee this sight I see wow we... So with hands all delicate but complicit to the tongues command I will
With fingers trace the path to bliss this perfumed garden ,this forest of deeds, To be explored to be tasted to be savored a sorta husky like the flavor i crave, played in replays of replies to sighs heard on the breeze, drifting in with a wind from a butterfly's wings. completed last stokes afloat on a wave mid-ocean amid emotion of motion

Will I come soon...For I recall senses long ago abandoned, in my hand I feel your Venus mons all Soft and so silky with hips like no rose bush but with lips that hide heaven and With a touch like a feather
I brush them with mine, while my finger linger on a button To feel for those two flames ,lingering a while I’ll smile look up into your eyes and My hand will be wandering towards those treasured chests, to caress and to hold,
To tickle with spittle to nip and to pinch with one finger one thumb then at the right Moment the flick of my tongue, it’ll nip round the nipple slow slow quick quick slow.....

Then as my finger finger your libido with a labia majora like red lobelias, in summers wind they quiver or waiver to attract some convection. This truly is the river of love, and as my thumb glides down to the perineum, to glove it with spasms.
Now glistening from the kissing in licking, and soon To be rode and driven all riven and writhing my eyes look towards yours to check.
And look for your guidance or voidance of what to to next, You would rob me with that rubbing that grabbing with velvet like stabbing,
I'm...helplessly smitten... Don't measure my treasure, just take it slow so knowing so glowing and flowing.
For it were meant for you from me, Annit make me sob, a tiny tune, down in my throat. To think of all the leisure pleasure.
Within your eyes An I do nab your sweet head, and tease you first to the submission you claim is your nature, Then I will slide down such tower as I like, Babel came to be to climb with my fingertips,
not lax but strivin, writhing to find. blindness is bliss when dis-covering with fingers, pimples and dimples. To introduce some jivin, to enliven, and shock with surprise spy then, uprising, if I might not discover in you as a lover, another something,

some trick, or nook, perhaps pull down your hood, and tangle amidst your darker hair, to confound you, an as you make me sweat with sheen shone but not done with yet, not finished or admonished but polished a bit, please fill all my struggle against you,

fill my little muff, and the tough touch, a staccato to far go search, keep me perched on that precipice, do part my tightest closed bud with wicked finger, lingers languishing like tiger tail, expectedness in waiting, will make me wild no longer mild if I do the same to your sweet hole, foreboding
I feel, but sure if you don't like it you'll cuff me aside, say hold, say nay, what say what will you say Otherwise mastered,

I'll master you, and mist you with tiny nips, your earlobes, then holding your hair will assault your chest with little lickings and stray to belly, nip your hips hard and hardly lingering,
take you down by capturing, a drop or two, do let them go, and part your thighs to maximize your sweet trials, to tug and lick your muscle and strand you there; yes I am cruel in this way, will fondle and heft your sack, not stopping so thirsty I am, more drops of salty cream from your cock,

I'll apply little hand pressure to halt your climb and find Quasimodo’s treasure that bell nerve ends jingling jangling tingling in surest lustiest sultriest silkiest pleasure,
up to that hilt feel and mount you, falling real slow to the heel and back up again, I think, my desire's too thick,

I canna wait, swollen shut inside, the slit like that, hot, and little clit, little bit of nothing, but hot wired sire, O, and maybe play, upon your pole, unroll stand and deliver, totem to temple simple as if undecided creaming on your tip, like wimple the tippy top bit that peels back like a bandana .

I long to mop with little red bush, and shine you up, buff stuff with my hair and tips of my lash. But now with abandon, not harsh, but oh so sweet, duly thrust, and have you finally to rob me, squeeze you hard and slow as ever I can go, so low slow solo to oh no and back again rising again, wiggling my thighs, and rise only to fill myself with you nerves all a jangle an look in yer eyes are open?
And surmise that I will arrive with you as sun rises within me, it burns, so creamily comforting. What lies there unfulfilled I say let him lie let him shiver. Look at me then flee lest I catch thee, fast by the toes and do.
You suppose I’d let you stop there, no fear do unto others as you would have done to you so much sooner consumed you,
I exhume my self into you that can wait while I pry and try to Recover and cover you like a stallion for a while you will my mare, from behind I'll approach, but not ruthlessly are moss covered hooves for but to often the feel as my teeth grip your mane.
Then when I have you subdued or more settled and cooing like a dove....
I’ll persist in grinning all Cheshire like lapping at your sweet honey, like a glutinous bee, unlike a timorous mouse be sure of this miss, and miss you will wish for nothing left wanting no thing left out all will be sated, grated rubbed stroked stoked and fired up again .

Then when again before you boil over i may or may not be found, resting my head with mouth still hungry for loving on your belly tracing words of love with tongue and as tactile fingers with eye lids fluttering over firm nipples....I’d take you to that place. Where desires inhibitions are abandoned with my hand on your flower stalk, talk Gently teasing n pleasing at leisure
My tongue tracing round your ear inside and out, Teeth nip nip nibbling your lobe, do you suppose you would feel my pecs inspect to affect correct and affect heart beating, pressing against those succulent dark rings of delight, then just to tease,
please appease, knees A top of you by trick or treat my feet would slide inside your instep and

Open you out ,my mouth to yours as I approach the door to paradise this slice of Heaven. Then wait a while all the time moving from place to place

About your face And neck wet kisses, permissive missives from wishes, flicks with tongue tips lips eye lids ,then when you least expect it
My sideburns start to tickle you inside those thighs as my cunning mouth talks and walks wiggles around and a round slurping sipping slipping to slip in....getting.

Those marvellous Bartholin glands..., So satiny wet slippery wet...wetter than Babylon’s rivers. When and only when this G spot How high and fast can you go spot when it spits feathers I’d come up for air, to trace a path with tongue and fingers again.
Tracing wending, ever so attentively lithe winding paths around your hips, along the gluteus maximus, perhaps here relax n graze, nibble n play with softest lips neath ticklish teeth, till I find the spot. that’s hotter than hot. Where the kundalini resides as once awoken
Avidyamaya Comes calling, then up along this fine spine to your elbows up under your chest left one first then the right through the night under bright of the moon……..we will resume
this….come to me…run to me run in to me for fluidity of we on our backs, as our moistened lips tip tack and tow, slip sip and slide, slither in and outside, up down all around, till we both leave the ground, here lain in our bed, enjoying grande petite morte of bred....

Thursday, 7 February 2008

I am that...

I am just that Neanderthal that comes
Running when you are all fear scared.
I am that Neanderthal that surived
In a hypocanthus I am ensnared.
In all the hirsute Gods and Goddess’s
For I’m residing in those course hairs

I am just that Neanderthal that comes
When your hypoxic short of a breath
Hypoxanthine can be returned to feeling
Like sharpness grating on your breast
I am just that Neanderthal that survives
surrounding darkness that’s all seeing.
My kind will be forever waiting there

I am just that Neanderthal that comes
To scare you when you are asleep
I am just that Neanderthal that strives
To turn sweet dreams into long nightmares
your soul I forever keep, to prepared to pare
Away the bodies meat, to feast on marrow bone
I am just that Neanderthal that comes
Calling when your all alone, and prone

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Say my name

Whisper my name dame, release it soft and slow,
Entice me with sweet voice, lovers only get to know.
Smile one that is, open wide long and just glows,

Hold my gaze, on pursed lips to let me know; then go
Ground me with those velvet tones, that softly flow
Whisper my name dame, release it soft and slow.

Speak my name; it makes my insides grow
Let those lips, vibrate like a heartbeat goes,
Smile one that is, open wide long and just glows,

Wink at me, all sexy to let me see and also know,
Loose those eyes, now sparkled with brightest glow.
Whisper my name dame, release it soft and slow.

Hold my gaze, on pursed lips to let me know; then go.
Release joyfulness: Only lovers or mothers get to show
Smile one that is, open wide long and just glows,

Soft sound from lovers voice. Once begat will grow.
Just like warm avalanches of melted chocolate snow.
Whisper my name dame, release it soft and slow.
Smile one that is, open wide long and just glows

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Just a poem

The wandering minstrel wonders
If you’d kiss me now and make my day.
Brush my lips with yours all moist,
give this murmuring heart,
a loud clear voice.

Make these dull eyes a sparkle clear,
My skin to feel goose bumps appear.
Let me sense the touch of finger tips,
right down my chest towards my bits.

For It may tickle but I won't laugh.
But thinking if they were to trace a path,
across my back then down my hips,
I would not worry not one bit.

Please come now, don’t keep me waiting,
My open mouth is not for converse-sating.
So hurry now kiss me lightly on my cheeks,
You can even use those teeth for little neeps.

Feel these lips all soft and rubbery.
Awaiting you to start to smother me.
Kiss me, just like a wanton lover,
not like you kiss your mother.

Fill my mind with thoughts all curious.
Kiss me fast and make it furious.
Let me taste what you had for breakfast,
end this hunger, break my love fast.

Feel my heart all pulsating nervously.
In site of your's covered err curvaceously.
come then now start some action
A`fore my heart starts infarction

just testing

have uploaded from phone whoopee I can become a tramp now

Wondering if it will work and show video suppose a short written one might pass the time

She was not so pure, was even less than sure
not in or out of favour, about sort of a behaviour
for the want of the one true Saviour the assault
he gave was far more graver than one she did savour
would have saved her from a life of sin and danger.
Not wanting trouble from a friend he asked a favour

He sold her to a merchant, who told her to be diligent
for it was to be a virgin than she was supposed to be
for each and every stranger, shrew like showed her anger