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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Just a poem

The wandering minstrel wonders
If you’d kiss me now and make my day.
Brush my lips with yours all moist,
give this murmuring heart,
a loud clear voice.

Make these dull eyes a sparkle clear,
My skin to feel goose bumps appear.
Let me sense the touch of finger tips,
right down my chest towards my bits.

For It may tickle but I won't laugh.
But thinking if they were to trace a path,
across my back then down my hips,
I would not worry not one bit.

Please come now, don’t keep me waiting,
My open mouth is not for converse-sating.
So hurry now kiss me lightly on my cheeks,
You can even use those teeth for little neeps.

Feel these lips all soft and rubbery.
Awaiting you to start to smother me.
Kiss me, just like a wanton lover,
not like you kiss your mother.

Fill my mind with thoughts all curious.
Kiss me fast and make it furious.
Let me taste what you had for breakfast,
end this hunger, break my love fast.

Feel my heart all pulsating nervously.
In site of your's covered err curvaceously.
come then now start some action
A`fore my heart starts infarction

just testing

have uploaded from phone whoopee I can become a tramp now

Wondering if it will work and show video suppose a short written one might pass the time

She was not so pure, was even less than sure
not in or out of favour, about sort of a behaviour
for the want of the one true Saviour the assault
he gave was far more graver than one she did savour
would have saved her from a life of sin and danger.
Not wanting trouble from a friend he asked a favour

He sold her to a merchant, who told her to be diligent
for it was to be a virgin than she was supposed to be
for each and every stranger, shrew like showed her anger